Rockwell Center’s The Balmori Suites introduces Orosa, a pop-up dining concept created by the chefs of Toyo Eatery, the celebrated modern Filipino restaurant which has been recently hailed as one of Asia’s top 50 restaurants. The Balmori Suites’ Chef’s Table concept highlights renowned chefs in the country, through month-long pop-ups, providing a delightfully unique experience to the Rockwell community. 

Toyo Eatery, a homegrown Filipino restaurant in Manila headed by Chef Jordy Navarra, seeks to discover the national identity through playful interpretations of local cuisine. It gets its name from the Filipino word for soy sauce, a familiar condiment with deep complexities. A meal in Toyo navigates diners across various layers of flavors and ingredients, using simple flavors and cooking techniques that are both traditional and modern.

For their summer pop-up in Balmori, Toyo Eatery drew inspiration from the legacy of Maria Orosa – scientist, activist, humanitarian, and war hero who dedicated her life to uplifting the Philippines through food innovation. (Of her various creations, the most famous one, of which she does not receive enough credit for, is banana catsup). Toyo Eatery’s summer pop-up will feature casual dishes and quick bites in solo and family style portions, together with timeless Filipino favorites, including Orosa’s contribution to food technology.

The creativity and thoughtfulness seen in the overall dining experience has earned Toyo consistent critical acclaim. Get a taste of Toyo at The Balmori Suites, from April 19 to May 14, 2023. Catch them from 11:30AM to 9PM, every Wednesday to Sunday. No reservations required, check their Instagram page to learn more.