Finding the perfect gift for Dad can be quite a challenge. This year, we’ve reached out to our esteemed Rockwellists, and asked them to share what they believe would make the ideal gift for their own fathers, or even for themselves on this special occasion. From heartfelt sentiments to unique and practical presents, The Rockwellist Recommends is here to help you make this event truly a memorable one. 


Typically, my dad would start the day with a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper. It is fitting to give dads a different kind of coffee experience this Father’s Day. I have personally found happiness with this coffee machine as I can try different blends and flavors in a touch of a button. It is the perfect gift for coffee lovers and people on the go. 

– Josiah Talusan 


The perfect gift for me on Father’s Day is to spend this important occasion with my family enjoying a delicious meal at our favorite Mamou Too. 

To continue Dad’s day, coffee from Illy Cafe is a must! Dessert for the wife and kids! I see Father’s Day as an opportunity to be grateful for having been blessed with the best role in the world. So, spending the day shopping at Rockwell (Paul Smith for me!), with my wife and children is my way of giving them big thanks. 

   – Waldo Abad Santos


Time would be the best gift for Father’s Day — just to be able to spend a good amount of quality time with my family, that’s quantity and quality!

For now, I can settle with our quick trips in the evening to the mall — whether it’s just for a cup of coffee, grocery runs with the kids, quick date nights with my wife, or special dinners for family occasions. Thank goodness Rockwell is just a stone’s throw away, and I don’t have to waste those precious moments with Manila traffic.

– Rex Reynes


A father cannot have too many sunglasses! Not just to protect aging eyes from harmful UV from the sun, but also to look stylish and updated, and to cover up our wrinkly faces! 

 – John John Torres


Whether it’s an accessory, a gadget, a gourmet treat, or an unforgettable experience, these picks by our Rockwellists will help you express your love and gratitude for Dad in a memorable way. Go ahead and explore our handpicked suggestions to make this Father’s Day one that your dad will cherish.