Everybody needs a well-deserved meal after a hard day’s work. You can now treat yourselves to a hearty brunch, merienda, and even dinner, as the restaurants in RBC Sheridan go street-side too. 

Whether you’re having a corporate lunch meeting or just a casual meal with a few of  your coworkers, restaurants like Open Kitchen, Banapple, and Kenny Rogers will surely provide you with the right comfort and ambiance. 

If you’re in need of an afternoon break, take a rest from the hustle and bustle and quench your thirst with CoCo’s famous and freshly-made ice-cold milk tea. 

After a long day, reward yourself with your favorite local flavors. Oink’s mouthwatering Waffle Twist will introduce a new spin to your routine. Craving for something close to home? Grab some of Merienda by Pan De Manila’s familiar home-cooked Filipino dishes. 

Enjoy your favorite restaurants’ extended alfresco setups as Rockwell goes street-side at RBC Sheridan. Learn more on their Facebook and Instagram pages.