Welcome to a mesmerizing new dine-in and delivery experience at Power Plant Mall.

Bringing nostalgia to the forefront and creating food for the present time is the Moment way. This is the same philosophy that inspired Manam and its menu of Filipino classics and twists, 8Cuts and its all killer, no filler burgers and sides, Ooma and its bold and fiery take on Japanese, and Mo’ Cookies and its
family of ooey-gooey palm-sized treats, to name a few.

This time around, it is a hunger for adventure in a beloved corner of the world that has inspired Moment to explore the familiar flavors of Southeast Asia and welcome everybody to HuChi, its new shophouse of Southeast Eats.

“HuChi” is a play on Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, a name that roughly translates to “bringer of light.” As a dine-in and delivery experience, HuChi aims to bring you someplace new for the course of your mealtime, and help you lose and find yourself, all at once, in a mesmerizing menu of pho, noodles, rice, and rolls.

“Southeast Asian flavors are a myriad of dazzling compositions and complexities,” says Moment Co-Founder and Creative Director Abba Napa. “My co-founders Eli, Jon, and I have spent many years living and working not only in Manila but also in other cities in the region and we love Southeast Asian fare, especially when experienced in the setting of a hawkers market where you can try a breadth of dishes from multiple origins in one sweep.” As a dine-in shop that is opening in the new normal, HuChi’s place in Moment’s roster of brands is a special one. “We had a great little space and we wanted to recreate an experience for the current times,” Napa shares. “What else shows hope for the future and a return to a safe and happy new normalcy if not creating a new food brand and experience?”

Built on fond memories of eating in the Southeast Asian region, HuChi’s menu is noodle-forward and divided into pho, specialties, little dishes, drinks, dessert, and add-ons. It makes use of the freshest local ingredients to recreate dishes originating mainly from the cuisines of Vietnam and Thailand, as well as charring, roasting, and grilling practices to bring out deeper flavors and desirable colors popular in the region.

Good Karma. Good Carbs.

Must-tries from HuChi’s pho selection include poached Chicken Pho (Pho Ga), whose rich broth is balanced by Ginger Grass Lemon Oil; Shrimp and Crispy Softshell Crab Pho (Pho Hai), which makes use of seafood and fresh herbs complemented by Cilantro Chili Lime Oil to create a complex and slightly spicy broth; and the dine-in only Pho Prime (Pho Suon Bo), which offers bites of slow-braised beef rib and tendon nuggets in between rice noodles and fresh herbs, and whose match among HuChi’s oil infusions is a Chili Garlic Oil. The marinades, meatballs, and sausage used in HuChi pho are all made in house and uniquely HuChi.

HuChi’s also got a spicy spin on rice noodles, the Spicy Pad Thai with Shrimp and Crispy Egg Omelette, which is sweet, sour, and savory, and topped with crispy egg omelette shards; and a comfort wok-fried specialty, its Thai-style Wok-Fried Noodles with Chicken (Pad See Ew), cooked with peanuts, cilantro, and a Soy and Sesame Sauce.

As far as snacking goes, HuChi’s Banh Mi is a refreshing choice and is HuChi’s take on a classic Vietnamese baguette sandwich, layering house-made meatballs, Vietnamese Ham, chili and liver pate, pickled vegetables, and kropek chips.

Dine-In and Delivery
Beginning October 1, Moment invites you to lose and find yourself, all at once, in a bowl of pho or a bite of pad thai at HuChi, which is now open for dine-in daily at the Concourse Level, Power Plant Mall, near its Moment siblings 8Cuts, Ooma, and Shawa Wama.

Delivery is also readily available on huchi.momentfood.com or through the HuChi hotline 09190845734 for up to 25 kilometers from the shop; Customers can also order via Rockwell On Demand, Power Plant Mall’s buying assistance service, through The Rockwellist mobile app, as well as on GrabFood, Pick-A-Roo, and foodpanda.

For good karma, good carbs, and shophouse updates, follow HuChi and Power Plant Mall on Facebook and Instagram.