There’s nothing quite like a plate of good food to brighten up any day. And for those looking to explore new dishes, The Grove Retail Row is the place to be.

Foodies are in for a treat at The Grove’s chef-driven restaurants that are popular in the neighborhood. Whether you’re on the hunt for a filling meal or a sweet dessert, the Rockwellist Chefs have a recommendation that’s sure to please.


Wagyuni from Asakusa: Home of Tempura

Have a taste of authentic Japanese fare at Asakusa: Home of Tempura, created out of a couple’s shared desire to serve the perfect tempura.

Wagyuni is a staple that restaurant owner Celline Baustia considers as the must-try item on their menu. “My husband conceptualized this dish,” she shared. “It’s a marriage between two Japanese favorites: wagyu and uni.”  Even better, it’s served on top of delicious sushi rice.


25 Ultimate Mouthwatering Sauces from Sunrise Buckets

Who doesn’t love good, flavorful chicken coupled with tasty sauce? Enjoy yours just how you want it, with Sunrise Buckets’ 25 mouthwatering sauces. 

In creating the exciting selection of flavors, restaurant owner Bridget Co gives credit to her love for travel and food. “We love to travel the world and explore the flavors and energy we discover from our adventures,” she explained. “After over ten years, Sunrise Buckets has definitely grown to become one of Filipinos’ go-to restaurants for buffalo wings, Atlantic Cod fish n’ chips, and burgers.”


Chicken Tikka Masala, Kadai Paneer, and Cumin Rice from Om Indian Kitchen

Indian food was made for enjoying meals with company. If you’re looking for your next meal to enjoy with family and friends, whether at home or at a new destination, you’ll want to try Om Indian Kitchen. 

One of their signature dishes is the Chicken Tikka Masala, made with tender marinated chicken chunks, enveloped in a subtly spiced tomato sauce, and Kadai Paneer. “It’s a simple yet wonderfully flavorful way of preparing cottage cheese and aromatic, fluffy Cumin Rice,” described Suman Gogna, the owner and founder. Indeed, it’s a combo you wouldn’t want to miss.


Gardens Brunch Pasta from The Gardens Cafe

In the mood for seconds? The Brunch Pasta from The Gardens Cafe will have you reaching for another serving.

Catering to both fine dining and casual everyday feasts, The Garden’s menu includes gourmet dishes cooked with superfood ingredients. Their pasta and rice bowl options were made for guilt-free meal times. If you’re dropping by, you definitely have to pair your tasty lunch or dinner with their preservative-free, cold-pressed juices— Morning Mojito, Basil Lemonade, and more.


Signature Happiness Ramen from Hanamaruken

Among the many ramen options at Hanamaruken, their Signature Happiness Ramen stands out the most. You wouldn’t find it anywhere else, according to restaurant owner Charles Paw. “We really focus on our meat toppings,” he shared. “The soft-bone pork rib topping is a rare-cut pork ingredient, and we took advantage of this by slowly braising it to make it almost melt in your mouth.”

Because it’s their bestselling variant, Hanamaruken has also made other options with the same meat toppings. Their Signature Happiness Ramen rice bowl and their DIY Home Kits will bring you a taste of comfort food, wherever you choose to enjoy it.


Arroz Meloso de Rabo de Buey from Bueno Tapas & Wine

For Chef Ken Alfonso, the Paella (Arroz Meloso de Rabo de Buey) was the dish that started Bueno Tapas & Wine. “It was evident to me that I wanted to bring back home the best and the fullest of my Spanish culinary experiences in Madrid, Barcelona, and San Sebastian, by recreating a comforting dish from these regions.”

Foodies who are craving for spicy food that hit a little close to home will surely delight in their offerings, especially those who love their rice. “Paella just gives so much color and depth to consuming grains, it elevates the whole experience,” shares Chef Ken. There’s just no better way to satisfy your appetite.  


Pizza from Tartufo Ristorante

Perfecting pizza dough is no easy feat, and it was a challenge that Chef Ken gladly took on. At Tartufo Ristorante, the pizza is all about catering to the Filipino palate. “This was certainly among the many things that I wanted to make sure we would be able to nail right off the bat.”

And indeed, their pizza options are well-loved within the Rockwell community over at The Grove. “It was well worth going above and beyond for,” Chef Ken proudly says.


Delight yourself in tasty offerings at The Grove Retail Row, located at Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Pasig City. Dine without worry, whether indoors or outdoors, or order for takeout and delivery.

For inquiries and reservations, find the contact numbers of the restaurants below:

Asakusa: Home of Tempura G/F 8 941 0157
Sunrise Buckets Pavilions 8 234 1382
Om Indian Kitchen G/F 0906 451 9245
The Gardens Pavilions 8 941 5835
Hanamaruken Pavilions 0917 623 7181
Bueno Tapas & Wine G/F 0917 637 8441
Tartufo Ristorante Pavilions 0917 708 0360

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