It’s time to light up the town with holiday cheer, after almost two years of being cooped up at home, due to the pandemic. To kick off the Christmas festivities in Santolan Town Plaza, the Rockwell retail property in San Juan had its first ever tree lighting ceremony on November 8, 2021, Monday, led by San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora, with Vice Mayor Jose Warren Villa. 

This special event was held at the Santolan Town Plaza Pavilions, in the presence of the San Juan City government. Executives from Rockwell also took part in the celebration. 

Rockwell has always been known for its festive and welcoming atmosphere especially during the holidays. Its sophisticatedly unique Christmas decoration is highly anticipated by its customers. The same experience transcends to its Greater Retail properties, such as Santolan Town Plaza. To add excitement to the holiday season, their giant Christmas tree, covered with sparkling lights and ornaments, is something the community looks forward to each year. 

As a way to enhance Christmas celebrations, Santolan Town Plaza will also be having street-side dining spaces this season, where members of the community can safely enjoy their holiday meals with friends, family, and even their pets. To complement the alfresco areas, there will be yuletide markets where customers can find easy gifting pieces for their loved ones. 

Furthermore, an exciting Christmas experience awaits, as Santolan Town Plaza will be having holiday promos, where avid shoppers can get enticing freebies for a minimum spend. 

The holiday season is more meaningful this time around as Rockwell seeks to bring a beacon of hope to its patrons. It’s always A Rockwell Christmas, even on this side of town. Learn more on Santolan Town Plaza’s Facebook and Instagram pages.