“Your neighborhood tambayan” was how it was called many moons ago. Dining spilled out to the streets of Rockwell Center.  And it’s back with a timely twist: Safety is a priority.


Your favorite restaurants at Lopez Drive, One Rockwell, Edades, Joya Lofts & Towers and 8 Rockwell have gone streetside, while taking public health protocols to heart. The streets close to the restaurants are cordoned off on weekends to provide serenity and security in an otherwise fearful year. The free and wide open spaces are perfect for family and friendly gatherings that everyone sorely misses. 

Enjoy personal conversations with friends and family at Pancake House, Grace Park, and Coco Ichibanya, over breakfast or even brunch, while socially distanced, of course. If you’re in Makati and you’re looking for the perfect place to hold your corporate lunch meetings, Rockwell has a variety of options for you. The outdoor set-up and unique cuisines of Nikkei, Woodfire, Single Origin, UCC Café Terrace, and Wild Flour Restaurant will give you the right comfort and ambience to make your meetings productive. Don’t forget to grab a cup of hot coffee from Eight Coffee Bar by UCC to refuel your daily grind. 

After a long, hard day’s work, go for the relaxing atmosphere of Made Nice, The Test Kitchen, Tajimaya, and Rambla. Catch up with your loved ones over some fine wine or classic cocktails, paired with a lovely dinner. 

If you happen to be in the San Juan, Ortigas, or Mandaluyong area, why not indulge in a safe and yet sumptuous meal and reinvigorate yourself in their outdoor spaces, where you can choose from a variety of cafes and restaurants? Santolan Town Plaza, The Grove Retail Row, and Rockwell Business Center Sheridan offer al fresco dining as well. 

Dining out can be both safe, and satisfying. So head on over to your favorite Rockwell restaurants for a worry-free and delightful al fresco experience. Book a table in advance by calling these restaurants. For a complete Power Plant Mall and Rockwell Center directory, please visit therockwellist.com/driectory, or see the list of restaurants offering al fresco dining below. For Santolan Town Plaza, The Grove Retail Row, and Rockwell Business Center Sheridan in Mandaluyong, visit their Facebook and Instagram pages to know more. 

Coco Ichibanya (02) 8815 4087
Grace Park (02) 8843 7275

0939 934 7223

Nikkei (02) 8541 6689

0916 636 9817

Tajimaya (02) 8869 9816

0917 890 7318

The Test Kitchen 0977 288 5751
UCC Cafe Terrace (02) 8808 1024

(02) 8856 0477


Ooma 0919 084 5568
Single Origin (02) 8772 6259

0995 914 4137


Pancake House (+632) 8887 9000

(+632) 8955 1181

(+63) 998 589 9242

Rambla  (+63) 949 881 6010

(+63) 915 948 6648


a mano 0917 552 6266
Barcino 0945 286 9995

(02) 8846 9423

Mamou 0917 806 2668
Teppan Okochi 0906 248 3942
Via Mare (02) 8898 1305

(02) 8898 1306

CDP Global Table 09178329828


Eight Coffee Bar by UCC (02) 8771 2718
Wild Flour Restaurant  (+632) 8850 5503

(+63) 917 705 3329