The lockdown must be tough on kids. Imagine their struggle to deal with not having personal interaction with friends and teachers in school, or at the playground around the corner.  Halloween, for one, is coming up, and it’s an occasion they enjoy and even dress up for. So, would this year be Halloween-less for them?


This year, Rockwell will channel all that kiddie energy and enthusiasm for Halloween by celebrating the occasion just the same. On October 31st, Rockwell will take the kids, who usually do trick-or-treating at the mall, to an exciting trip to outer space, in the safe confines of their homes, naturally.



Trick or treating can still be made fun at home!  For starters, kids will get interactive Space Voyager Kits. It contains all the essentials kids will be needing on their galactic journey to becoming Certified Space Rangers.



The kit includes a jetpack backpack of cosmic candies and treats, exclusive access to a DIY astronaut mask workshop, top secret space missions, and  space badges for parents to award their little Space Rangers for every game completed.



Newly-certified Space Rangers will also get a chance to win special space-themed gifts from Toys R Us, by posting their best graduation photo showing their completed badges, and tagging Power Plant Mall and Santolan Town Plaza on Instagram and Facebook with the caption: “Space Ranger (name) reporting for duty at Rockwell Voyager. #RockwellHalloween”

Blast off this Halloween with Rockwell and bring the fun into your home! Purchase these kits  for only P 1000 each through Power Plant Mall’s Facebook messenger.


Follow Power Plant Mall, Santolan Town Plaza, and The Grove by Rockwell’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more information.