Homebound and feeling the need to remake your living space? Rockwell makes it simple for you, with thoughtfully selected pieces to beautify any corner of your home. Turn your abode into a collection of experiences— from a decked-out bar set-up where you can enjoy happy hour practically any time of day, to an inspiring home office space, where your finest ideas are soon to be forged. 

The Living Room

A most versatile space, and arguably the most important area when it comes to interior styling, calls for careful curation. Bring the outside in, and recreate the tropics you sorely miss with pieces from Philux. This relaxed, earthy and natural palette comes to life, combined with unexpected details like checkerboard flooring, deep warm wood and bronze. These bring some adventure to your corner.

The Bedroom

If you’re drawn to lush textures, gleaming metals, and bold accents, there’s no better place to bring in grandeur than the bedroom. Rockwell puts together tasteful pieces from MAV Furniture, and shows us that glitz and glam, when done the right way, can feel well-balanced and not too over-the-top. Play with shapes, infuse shine strategically, and go with rich, deep, jewel-toned colors paired with more subtle or neutral surfaces, such as concrete or marble to ensure balance and cohesiveness.

Add a touch of luxury to your everyday life by glamming up in style, too, even while you’re home. Make Room’s organization compartments provide flexible storage, perfect for your vanity. Complement their simple, yet functional accessories with luxe and versatile pieces from MAV Furniture.

The Dining Area 

Enhance the mood in your dining area with Cura V’s carefully curated finds. Feel free to get creative with their quirky trays and accessories, which mix well with gold and neutral pieces. Bring more color to your space with their vibrant glassware, that will surely make mealtime a lot more festive.

The Home Office

With a lot of people spending more time at home, it’s no surprise that recreating work spaces has become everyone’s favorite activity. Luckily, Dimensiones got you covered with their contemporary table lamps, iconic Aalto vases, and storage stools designed to make your area conducive to productivity, without compromising style.

The Mini Bar

Just because you’re cooped up at home doesn’t mean you can’t elevate your hosting game. Cocktail time can still be enjoyed, even virtually, with the right setting. Restoration has one-of-a-kind items for your mini bar, such as their intricately designed copper trays and unique brushed-metal-finish trolleys. Accentuate the cozy ambiance with a velvet couch to bring some comfort and excitement to your happy hour.

Rockwell has just the right mix of things to help you reinvent all corners of your home, from your living room, to your kitchen, and even your vanity, to help keep you sane amidst these new routines. Learn more on Power Plant Mall’s Facebook and Instagram pages.