It’s time for another round of staying cooped up at home. While we look forward to brighter days outside, we’re keeping an eye out for ways to make things fun, be productive and stay sane, while keeping safe.

From refreshing fragrances to soft pretzels, this team of Rockwell Insiders share their top picks for a more invigorating and meaningful lockdown.

Tin, VP for Retail Development

Saddle Row VOD Access

Even if my favorite cycling or rowing studio is closed, there’s still a way to connect with them and stay fit by accessing their workout videos. What I love about them is their cardio workouts are also available for non-bikers or rowers.

Airpods Pro

My absolute essential for work-from-home days. Aside from being able to tune out the world and allowing some “me” time, Airpods Pro has a noise cancelling feature which is important for my online meetings.

Avocado Rib Leggings from Aura Athletica

Another essential are very, very comfortable leggings, like my Avocado Rib Leggings from Aura Athletica, for whole day wearing — from online meetings to home workouts!

Tracey, VP for Residential & Retail Development

Diptyque Baies candle and Barcino Paradise Sangria

Relaxing has somehow been an essential during these demanding times. It feels great to indulge in a soothing aroma like that of Dyptique’s Baeis candles and a glass of Barcino’s Paradise Sangria as a comforting treat!

Boboy, Marketing Consultant

Healthy ingredients from Santis Delicatessen and Marketplace, and workout equipment from Sportlines

We’re facing plenty of at-home time, so we need to be prepared and stay healthy. Food and fitness are what I care about. I plan the menu ahead and it’s usually high-protein and rich in micronutrients: grains, whole wheat pasta, lentils, fruits, meats and seafood from Santis and Marketplace. And I’ve been slowly building a home gym, for which Sportlines is a great source – kettlebells, balls, mats, and other accessible equipment.

Elise, Digital and PR Manager

Do Son Eau de Parfum & Shower Oil from Diptyque

I’ve been turning to fragrances to soothe my mind at the end of a long day (sometimes in the middle of one, too). It’s a quick mental getaway— with just a slather and a spritz of Do Son, I’m off to Halong Bay.

Karlo, Assistant Brand Manager

Ipad Pro from Power Mac Center, Bonne Maman Cherry Preserves from The Marketplace, and Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Sugar and Almond Pretzel

Staying at home means working and snacking (at the same time!), so my must-haves are perfect for just that. When I’m not in Zoom meetings or typing away my emails, I binge-watch on my iPad, and no movie or series is ever complete without my favorite pretzel or toast.

Issan, Assistant Manager for Creatives and Brand

Garlic Parmesan and Black Pepper Dry Rub from Sunrise Buckets, The Grove Retail Row

Let’s be real. Meal planning is hard, and surprisingly even more so when you’re working from home. I needed something that I could rotate between the stuff I bought in the grocery without thinking about it so much and tada! These dry rubs are such a life saver because I can use them for anything — chicken wings, a rack of ribs, fish, flavoring for fries, go figure — and never get tired of it. 

Multi-colored Retractable Pens from Muji

Having the right pen to use is so important for me to get into the working groove. There’s really no other pen that I handwrite better with than Muji’s! I use one for writing down notes, ticking items on my to-do list, and enumerating urgent deliverables. If you’re like me who likes old school pen and paper writing, these are definitely must-haves.

Pat, Creatives Associate

Grit by Angela Duckworth from Fully Booked

Last year, in my efforts to improve my character while I’m stuck at home, I spent days watching motivational and self-help videos. It felt as if I was just doing this to say that I made good use of time. None of the videos seemed to actually help, until I stumbled upon a 3-minute YouTube video of a TED Talk with “The strongest predictor for success” written on the thumbnail.

After watching countless videos that day, and with nothing better to do, I just clicked and watched mindlessly. At first, I didn’t pay much attention. However, the speaker started talking about studies that she, herself, conducted about this topic. Unlike the previous ones I watched, this one wasn’t flooded with random quotes from random people. The topic itself intrigued me, so I looked for the full-length video, and after watching, I decided to buy this book.

Reading is very relaxing for me, and I think that it’s a great way to spend time away from social media. I find this book interesting, so now it’s my third time reading through it. It’s amazing how I always find something new that I might have missed each time I go over it.

Organic Tri-color Quinoa from Healthy Options

It’s been a long time since I stopped trying to lose weight. I used to deprive myself of food, but that just led to developing bad eating habits, which ultimately led to weight gain. Each body is different, so diets that work for me might not work for everyone. As I spent more time doing research on food and getting to know my own body, I realized that eating small portions and starving myself never works out for me. In my case, it’s not the amount of food, but the quality of the food I consume that I have to look out for. 

I searched for other alternatives for rice, and I found Healthy Options’ Organic Tri-color Quinoa. It’s gluten-free, and high in protein and fibre. It’s also affordable compared to other brands, with fewer calories and carbohydrates compared to regular white rice. I can eat as much as I want without having to worry much.

Indeed, healthy food choices and healthy habits go a long way.

Natural Sun Eco Super Aqua Sun Cream from The Face Shop

I spend most of my time indoors, but I still use sunscreen. Here’s one thing I learned in college: anything the sunlight touches, it damages. Apparently, no shade can completely shield us from indirect UV radiation exposure, because it literally bounces off reflective surfaces, and that could cause damage to our skin. That’s why even though I don’t go out and bask under the sun, I still use sunscreen to keep my skin protected.

What I love about The Face Shop’s Natural Sun Eco Super Aqua Sun Cream is that it has a light consistency that feels refreshing on my skin. It’s as if I’m not wearing any sunscreen at all! It has SPF 50+PA+++ that protects and moisturizes my skin, and it applies smoothly without leaving any visible white casts or marks.

It works wonders!

Oowie, Brand Associate

Power Plant Cinema Popcorn

I love movies. I miss that feeling of going inside a cinema and spending two hours enjoying a movie you haven’t seen before. Now that cinemas are closed, what helps me fill that void is getting a bucket of popcorn from Power Plant’s Cinema Snackbar. It makes watching at home feel much more exciting.

Anina, Senior PR Associate

Almond Milk Veil from L’Occitane

Frequent hand washing and sanitizing can lead to dryness. I keep my skin moisturized, hydrated, and firm with L’Occitane’s Milk Veil. Plus, its scent is so addictive and it leaves a bit of shimmer on my skin helping me feel pretty despite the pandemic!

Jelly, Digital Marketing Supervisor
Drape Pants from Uniqlo Loungewear

I often call my drape pants from Uniqlo my “cozy lockdown uniform.” It’s the perfect companion for work and fun in the comfort of home. Its cool fabric is just right for the humid Philippine weather. I can move around comfortably, whether it’s to grab a snack or prepare for a long meeting ahead.

This pair wears a ton of hats — a substitute for pajamas, trousers, you name it.

Keanu, Senior Creatives Associate

Monte Marte Sketching Journal, Art Bar

As a traditional artist, I am not a genius when it comes to writing composition. The best way for me is to create illustrations and sketches that translate my thoughts. So if you’re like me who loves to express themselves visually, Monte Marte sketching journal is the perfect quarantine art buddy for you.  This sketching  journal has been a great companion and a loyal collector of my creative thoughts during these crazy times.

This hardcover beauty’s 150 gsm acid-free paper makes it ideal to use with any kind of medium, such as pen liners, pencil, and watercolor. It allows me to create the many prompts that my mind could think of.

The Urban Sketching Art Pack, Art Bar

I’ve been doing urban sketching since before the pandemic. Travels may be impossible for now, but this handy urban sketching practice book has made it possible for me to hone my skills. It’s a perfect guide to work on your style and technique while at home, with practice sheets after each chapter of guides and lessons. If you’re craving travel, then this is the perfect quarantine partner for you. Sketch those tourist spots and cities you’d like to visit when restrictions are finally lifted, draw that last travel photo saved in your phone, or revisit that favorite coffee shop you used to spend hours at.

And hey, this was given to me as a gift. If you know an artist, this item is sure to please. This will help them (and you) get through these travel-scarce times.

Sandali by Mikey Jimenez and Mikey Marchan, Fully Booked

Don’t forget to support local art and artists, friends!

With illustrations by Mikey Jimenez and words by Mikey Marchan, this very relatable 68-pager comic book compilation will take you back to the life pre-pandemic and how simple and liberating it was. Containing 9 different stories of collected humorous, chaotic, and mundane realities of the regular Filipinos, this book will take you to a ride of emotions. I suggest reading it alone, no kidding!

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