The Moment Group’s newest and most affordable concept, Shawa Wama is your new “get ’em and go” Eastern Mediterranean street food perfect for your on-the-go lunch or your movie date.


Stuffed Pita with Beef

Take your pick from their no-fuss menu – stuffed pita, rice bowls, or hummus options with beef, chicken, or lamb. Vegetarian options include red beet falafel and fried cauliflower. Enjoy your Wama meals with refreshing palate-cleansers – cabbage slaw and pickled onions; and choose from a variety of sauces – cheese, mild green chili, hot red bird’s eye, white garlic, and lemon garlic.

And get this – on the menu is a 12-hour sous vide Primo beef slab that could well be another Rockwell favorite! Visit Shawa Wama at the P1 Level.


The Primo Beef Slab over Rice

*Images courtesy of Shawa Wama