Liquid meals never tasted better; shakes for every palate and diet, FTW!

The trendy brunch spot serving comfort food also has a mouth-watering Oreo milkshake for the sweet tooth! Made from the creamiest vanilla ice cream blended with the famous cookie (including the creamy filling, of course) and topped with even more whipped cream goodness, it’s basically happiness in a glass. Head over here if you want a palate cleanser or craving something saccharine on a lazy afternoon—we promise it’s worth the calories!

Refinery - Power Plant Mall

PRESS by Fully Booked
Yes, PRESS by Fully Booked has healthy fruit shakes, too! This one’s called World’s Best and contains strawberry, orange, and banana mixed in with yoghurt and honey for a touch of sweetness against tart. It’s a great thirst-quencher/dessert in a glass to accompany a good book while lounging in the café. Order this pretty concoction next time you go book shopping and stop by for a snack.

Salad Stop
Clean eats in a fast food setting is what makes Salad Stop a staple joint for the weight conscious; it’s no wonder they’re always full! Their Green Glow shake is packed with nutrients including spinach and chia seeds plus it’s thick and filling enough to substitute a meal. Pair it with one of their delicious salads to get you through a hectic day sans bloating. What better way to get fit for the beach!

Power Plant Mall - Saladstop