Let Nespresso wrap up all your family feasts together with your favorite desserts. Here’s our top 5 suggested coffee and dessert pairings to indulge in.


powerplantmall_MarygraceClassic ensaymada, Cafe Mary Grace; saucer and wooden tray from Make Room

Whether it’s the end note to your family feast or the first bite of your morning, the Arpeggio latte is a must with your favorite ensaymada. The long roasting of the best Arabica beans from Central and South America creates the intense notes with subtle cocoa and woody hints. Because its beans are finely ground, Arpeggio is full-bodied, and its fruity or malted flavors are similar to Costa Rican coffees.



powerplant mall_mrs.fieldsTurtle Pie and Pistachio Cake, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf; cup and saucer sets from Make Room(Left) ; Brownies, Mrs. Fields; Red Essenza Mini, Nespresso (Right)

Get that coffee kick sans the caffeine with an iced decaf Ristretto. It’s got all the powerful character and contrasting taste you love from the original and is best enjoyed with an old-fashioned brownie. The Ristretto is a blend from the best Latin American and East African Arabicas, sophisticatedly blended with a touch of Robusta. End your family feast on a high note with this simple yet delicious pair!

When you’re in the mood to indulge, go for a decadent dessert like Turtle Pie or Pistachio Cake and complete the symphony of flavors with a shot of espresso. The Volluto’s sweet biscuit taste and light fruit notes complement such a rich dessert. Its flavor comes from the light roasting of Colombian and Brazilian Arabicas that come from small plantations, which produce very high quality beans and grown in respect of the environment and local traditions.



Power Plant Mall_Nespresso-envivo-lungoBrownies, Mrs. Fields; Pixie, Nespresso

A blend of Arabica from India and Robusta from Mexico, the Envivo Lungo goes perfectly with a cookie crisp. Its bold flavor with caramelized notes complement the sweetness of cookies and brownies. Envivo Lungo has a full body and refined taste, thanks to the separate and dark roasting of the Arabica and Robusta beans. The Robusta, in particular, is roasted longer and darker. Balance the bold taste with a sweet bite that’s sure to bring comfort and warmth.


powerplantmall_thedesserkitchenBanana Loco Eggettes, The Dessert Kitchen

Count on Livanto, with its round and balanced taste and medium roasting, to bring you a combination of cereal, malt, and caramelized notes. Pour it over ice when you’re looking for something refreshing, and enjoy its natural flavors by pairing it with a sweet and delectable Belgian waffle. This combination will surely leave you asking for more!