Scrub, polish + blow out then fly worry-free to your destination.

Bid unwanted hair, dark underarms and dry skin good riddance in just a matter of minutes! Wink’s revolutionary laser treatments guarantee a spring in your step if you do it over lunch break. Yup, it’s that fast! Designed for the woman or man on the go, their treatments happen in the coziest nooks and rooms, making you feel you’re in a faraway oasis instead of a mall. Book a lunch appointment and go straight to the airport after office hours and wake up in paradise, worry free!

Most women couldn’t be bothered with a blow out during the morning rush so, BLO to the rescue! The specialty hair salon zeroes in on the finishing touch to your outfit: a good hairstyle that starts from the roots. The newest smoothing hair care treatment (for beach bums) comes highly recommended, using Composio EQ products from Japan that “treats from the inside, bringing back the three main essence of beautiful hair—gloss, unity and moisture.” Blo also offers foot and nail spa packages as well as paraffin treatments, including mani-pedis for your mini-me! Make it a date with your little one and a beautiful holiday with equally stunning photos are on the horizon, guaranteed!

Blo-Power Plant Mall

Dashing Diva
Nails deserve as much attention (if not more) as the rest of the body since it’s part of one of the most hardworking—hands. Consider getting gel polish before a trip to build an armor around the nail, protecting from the elements while keeping it perfectly polished for up to three to four weeks. Dashing Diva is known to be one of the best in the metro, using only the most reliable polish brands and clean, sterilized materials for each and every session. The tucked-away corner inside Beauty Bar is just the right amount of privacy and quiet, most ideal for an all-girls rendezvous in between meetings, or if you simply want some me-time before heading back to the trenches.