Treat your muscles and boost happy hormones with an intense workout, because as the saying goes, no gain without some pain!

Move With Options
The compact and intimate space where Move with Options’ new home resides transports you to a place of Zen the moment you step in the door. The clean, spa-like interiors are comfortable, fresh smelling and cool enough to still make you break a sweat in one of their reformer machines. It’s no wonder this is the workout of choice in between intense gym sessions to achieve that long and lean frame. If shopping isn’t enough of a workout, stop by for a class before a meal to make it worth it! They have packages and special rates for individual or group workouts, making it an ideal gift because after all, health is wealth and what’s most important of all.

options - Power Plant Mall

Saddle Row
Modern interiors, excellent lighting and a minimalist vibe make Saddle Row more like a lounge than the well-equipped gym it actually is. Saddle refers to the stationary bikes lined up neatly in a dim room that comes to life with loud, encouraging music and disco lights to mimic riding inside a club. Row pertains to the rowing machines neatly lined up at the back of the space, enough to house a big group without feeling cramped. Using WaterRower technology, the main hub contains water to simulate being in an actual lake or river—more effort plus more calories burned—making it a realistic and fun workout.

Saddle Row - Power Plant Mall

Barre3 at The Spa
Barre3’s following and popularity haven’t wavered since they entered the fitness scene back in the mid-2000s, and their new home at the R3 Level inside The Spa further elevates the experience. The space is surprisingly large, tucked away in a corner for utmost privacy and comfort while in class. Complete with their signature gear of ball, mat, belt and weights, it’s a full-body, low-impact workout that’s age and gender-friendly. Give it a try on days when you’re craving a new and challenging exercise. Your body will thank you for it!

Barre 3 - Power Plant Mall