From sandwiches to choice protein, low cal eats for the gym rat, here!

Wooden Spoon
Sandy Daza’s resto is chock-full of inventive Pinoy fare and this humble pechay stuffed with pork and smoked fish (tinapa) is no exception. The tasty sauce made of coconut and spices adds a tinge of sweetness that goes so well with the meat and seafood flavors. Great on its own or over rice, it’s enough to satisfy cravings for flavorful yet healthy fare.

Wooden Spoon - Power Plant Mall


Dean & DeLuca
The avocado on toast is having a moment, thanks to millennials who have officially christened it their meal of choice, aptly posting different variants all over social media (fanfare and all). Before you disclose the toast as another trendy dish, the resident chef of Dean & DeLuca highly recommends it as a healthy option and swears by the benefits. Their Organic Avocado Tartine with Poached Egg and Salmon consist of organic avocado shipped all the way from Palawan paired with their signature sourdough bread containing Kefir, a probiotic milk that’s über healthy and good for the gut. Taste-wise, it’s clean and not overpoweringly tasty with the bread clearly the star of the dish. A good alternative to a heavy lunch that will make you last the day with just enough energy to squeeze in a workout.

Dean & De Luca - Power Plant Mall

The Farm Organics
If you have the notion that this resto is purely vegetarian only, it’s worth a visit to experience their extensive menu with both vegan and meat dishes for every dietary requirement. The Wild Alaskan Salmon with Mango Salsa came highly endorsed by the chef both for its taste and calorie count. The fish is grilled to perfection, a little pink on the inside so it isn’t dry, and the sour/sweet taste of the mango is the perfect foil to balance out the flavor. Give this dish a try the next time you’re thinking of an alternative to meat; it’s filling enough without the guilty bloated feeling after the meal.

The Farm - Power Plant Mall