They say the best presents come in the tiniest boxes, that’s certainly true with these finds. These statement pieces are so much more than jewelry. They’re works of art that are sure to stand out. These young designers redefine fine jewelry with spirit and sass. This year, find her something special to suit her personality perfectly!

Trends come and go but class is forever. That’s definitely the case with Whisenhunt’s timeless pieces. Although they’re inspired by the effervescent spirit of the Roaring Twenties, these Art Deco influenced accessories have an elegant appeal that will last through the ages. Feminine yet bold, Whisenhunt’s stunning creations are sure to impress!

(Left) Diamond & Pink Coral Ring. (Right) Vita Earjacket Earrings

(Left) Flower Earrings  (Right) Godrevy Ring

Celebrate her individuality with something just as unique from Tim Tam Ong’s special collection. With every piece absolutely one of a kind, you’re sure to find the perfect piece just for her. Never plain or generic, these intricate baubles each have a story behind them. Combining elements both raw and refined, anything from Tim Tam Ong’s collection is sure to be her favorite gift yet!

(Left) Orchid – handcrafted vermeil earrings with flowers and detachable pearl tassels. (Right) Daffodil – handcrafted vermeil earrings with flowers and detachable pearls

(Left) Rosal – handcrafted vermeil carved flowers with detachable blue agate. (Right) Amaryllis – handcrafted vermeil earrings with aquamarine and detachable carved flowers.