With homebound happy hour here to stay, a 50’s living room  staple, the bar cart makes a comeback. Be your own bartender, and host an intimate holiday cocktail with these happy hour essentials. Here’s how you can get started:

Find the right base.

A great bar cart not only serves its purpose of holding your liqueur and glassware, but has the potential to become the focal point of your space as well; and it all starts with finding the right cart.  Look for one that would complement your interiors but at the same time, adds some unexpected flair to your living room.

Make it personal.

The contents of your cart should include some basics, so be sure to include a good mix of gin, vodka, whisky, rhum, bitters, and cordials. Equally as important, they should cater to your own tastes. When curating your bottle selection with your choice of spirit, consider varying shapes, heights, bottle finishes, and colors. A balance of high and low, unexpected pops of color, and texture, will serve up some style to go with those delicious drinks. 

Don’t forget the glassware.

So while we all love ourselves a good top shelf bottle, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about loving a 151 or El Hombre. Have a glass decanter to hold your liquor (literally), and make it fancy! 

Using the glassware that matches the drink impacts the flavor and overall experience, too. So make sure you have the right mix of glasses based on the cocktails you can make with your spread.

Use ingredients as decorative accent pieces.

Along with your bottles and njn n glassware, add in some natural elements that can enhance your drink too— rosebud tea, fresh  fruit,  dehydrated citrus slices, and sprigs of fresh rosemary would round out your spread nicely. That way, your decor turns into a total treat for the senses.

Dress it up for the season.

Once your cart is set with your bottles, glassware, and garnishes, go ahead and have fun with it. Change up the look depending on the season or motif of your get-togethers by adding interesting ornaments and accent pieces.

From the base down to the bottles— now that you’ve curated your own mobile bespoke bar, it’s time to get making! Once in a while, we recommend that you go out and have a drink or two,  learn from your bartender, and discover new combinations to recreate at home. Lastly, when in doubt, don’t hesitate to “add to cart.” Santé, kanpai, and holiday cheers to one and all!