Grand Christmas parties may be cancelled this time, but festive feasts certainly aren’t.  Stay cozy inside your home, where the living room is just as exciting a place to dress up and dine in, fabulously.

From deeply smoky and tangy chorizo Charcuterie boards to the freshest and most flavorful Temaki rolls, here we give you delightful ideas on what to serve and feast on, with friends and families, while celebrating online.  Great food is an antidote to being miles apart.   


Assorted Temaki and 100% organic Fuji apple juice from Teppan Okochi

Cave into your craving for Japanese with Teppan Okochi’s selection of Temakihandmade sushi rolls wrapped in special nori. Choose from 20 exciting flavors to keep you company for your virtual Christmas festivities. Each roll is kept crisp and fresh until your first bite, even when you order from home.

You can also enjoy their well-loved rolls with their 100% organic juice from Aomori, Japan, where Fuji apples are harvested. Rich, flavorful, and guilt-free.

Chorizo and Cheese Platter, Charcuterie Boards from Barcino

Grazing boards complete any event, even more so when paired with a glass of wine. Barcino’s Charcuterie Boards will put you in the holiday mood with their delectable selection of cured meat, cheeses, and more.

A must-try variant is the Chorizo and Cheese Platter, with signature slices of smoked chorizo. The Spanish delicacy complements the taste of rich wine, made better on a festive occasion with friends.


Fried Squash Flowers with Mascarpone and Prosciutto from Gracepark

Nothing says Christmas like a plate of something naughty and nice. These Fried Squash Flowers are the perfect virtual party treat, with the right balance of healthy and savory. Have a bite of squash blossoms, fried and wrapped with prosciutto, and filled with mascarpone. 

Satisfyingly crunchy and with just the right amount of saltiness and sweet creaminess, this snack will put you in a good mood for the rest of the evening.


SPR Salad (Shrimp, Parmesan, and Rocket) from Bun Appetit

After almost two years in lockdown, everyone is missing traditional party eats for comfortable get-togethers with people we hold dear.

For a more savory dish, Bun Appetit’s SPR Salad is complete with the seafood goodness of shrimp and the salty hint of parmesan. These pan-seared shrimp skewers are glazed with honey lemon dressing for a tangy note, laid on top of a generous serving of arugula.


Truffle Prosciutto from Casa Nostra

Put a modern twist to pizza nights with hand-tossed, authentic Italian goodness from Casa Nostra. Their menu of mouthwatering flavors will leave you wanting to take a bite out of every slice.

Their well-loved offering is the personal pizza. Delight in a base of your choice, paired with a generous serving of toppings. There’s a thrilling selection of sauces, cheese, and vegetables to choose fromso you can have your meal just the way you want it.