With the return of greater certainty and stability, it’s time to bring back what the Rockwell community has sorely missed. It’s about time we reclaim summer, and Rockwell is going all-out this season with a whole lot of excitement. Outdoor weekend fairs and events, sunset street parties, and an all-new summer collectible tote await Rockwellists! 

To kickstart the summer festivities, the Rockwell Weekend Market is back on all the weekends of March until April 10, along the Plaza Driveway, in partnership with Urbanpod Events and Spectrum Fair Manila. Heart Factory Accessories, Paul Raymond Studio, Pinkie’s Farm, and Good Nature Locale — they’ve got charms, crystals, and natural homegrown products. The summer experience transcends to Rockwell’s Greater Retail properties as Santolan Town Plaza and The Grove, and will also have their own weekend markets showcasing organic goods, local handicrafts, and more, on April 8-10 and May 6-8, respectively. 

Summer gets even more interesting with the return of onsite events such as the annual Easter celebration. For the first time in two years, kids will experience egg-hunting in Rockwell again, with an exclusive outdoor celebration just for the little ones. This Easter, children are in for a fun-filled sea adventure, with exciting games, activities, and prizez. Purchase the Sailor’s All-Access and Take-Home kits on  shop.TheRockwellist.com. Check out Power Plant Mall’s Facebook page for more details. 

Keen shoppers are in for a treat with The Rockwellist Rewards. They can earn points when they purchase from Rockwell establishments, and redeem free parking, free cinema passes, or merchandise, including the newest Rockwellist summer tote, which will be available soon. Customers can earn twice the number of points as well, through shop.TheRockwellist.com

Learn more about Rockwell’s summer celebration on their Facebook and Instagram pages.