The holiday season is getting a little hectic, don’t you think? And, you can certainly dispense with some activities that could add to the stress. Rockwell has got you covered, and will make things a lot easier, and safer, for your Christmas shopping needs. Gift-wrapping and gift deliveries: these are Rockwell’s added services for you this season.

Head on over to The Rockwellist Post at the R1 Level in Power Plant Mall (near Signet) after Christmas shopping. It’s where you’ll find Santa’s elves working doubletime to wrap the special gifts you’ve bought. You can also send them to your loved ones safely and securely, with the help of Rockwell’s partner courier, Mober. 

Have your presents wrapped in a special paper bag, which comes in different sizes, for free, for a minimum purchase from any store within Rockwell Center. These gift bags are also available for purchase if you already have your items on hand. Rudolph might not be in town this year, but Rockwell has Mober to assist you with all your gift deliveries. And since you’re already doing some holiday shopping, might as well do it in style with The Rockwellist Tote, which you can either get for free for a minimum spend, or purchase for only P 250.It serves as a perfect present for avid mall-goers as well. It’s stylish, durable, and reusable at the same time. 

Bring Christmas with you wherever you go, and manage all your holiday deliveries with The Rockwellist Post. Learn more about how Rockwell celebrates Christmas this year by clicking this link, or visiting Power Plant Mall, Santolan Town Plaza, The Grove Retail Row, and Arton Strip’s Facebook and Instagram pages.