The virus remains, and the battle continues. Rockwell is well aware of this, and so it remains ready to keep it at bay. To further ensure everyone’s safety at the mall, Rockwell has taken on additional safety protocols. There are no shortcuts to safety. Going “back to normal” can never be hastened. It’s been proven that through transparency, and clever use of medical and digital technology, could the crisis be managed effectively.

Knowing is half the battle

Contactless thermal scanners have been installed in mall entrances. The scanners are equipped with facial recognition technology (notwithstanding the face masks), and they can detect one’s temperature in less than a second. Capturing one’s temperature reading, automatically and immediately, minimizes the risk of exposure for both customers and Mall Security.  

The path to safe dining is contactless

Contactless ordering is now a matter of course. Digital menus are easily accessible on a mobile via the QR code. Cashless payment options are also encouraged to minimize contact, and decrease the chances of transmission. 

The enemy has not retreated. Its scale and reach remain daunting. But its strength may diminish immensely if we employ more tactics to keep our walls almost impenetrable. The collective effort to execute technology-driven preventive measures is key to victory, Rockwell knows all too well.

For more information on Rockwell’s safety protocols, visit Power Plant Mall, Santolan Town Plaza, The Grove by Rockwell, and Arton Strip, on Facebook and Instagram.