Sustainability is an imperative movement.  The world needs to get it together, lest we’d all need to figure out how to make Mars habitable.  The fashion retail world has also joined in, making upcycling into a lifestyle trend.

Following the success of The Rockwellist Tote, Power Plant Mall collaborated with top local designer Patty Ang, and social enterprise Rags2Riches, to reuse the mall’s old tarpaulin banners into gorgeous clutch bags.

The Rockwellist chats with Chrissy Teigen-favorite, Patty Ang, to get the lowdown on her first-ever collaboration with Power Plant Mall, how she’d wear The Rockwellist Clutch, and her thoughts on sustainability in fashion.

What was your inspiration for The Rockwellist Clutch? 

Summer. I wanted to create something that people can easily use from day to night. It’s sustainable yet chic. 

How would you style and where would you take your Rockwellist Clutch? 

It matches perfectly with any beach outfit, but it also goes well with a plain shirt and jeans for an everyday casual look for the mall, or even pairs well with a long dress or jumpsuit for events.

 Which Patty Ang pieces do you think go perfectly with the clutch?

I think it goes perfectly with any Patty Ang piece, even enhancing our pieces further. Personally, I would use it together with our Dublin dress for a day look or a Keynes jumpsuit for a perfect night-out.

What are your thoughts on sustainability and what other efforts have you made to support this?

I fully support it. I admire other brands who practice it as well, and I hope to follow in their footsteps to promote sustainable fashion. It’s very complex as it affects the supply chain system as a whole. We only work with suppliers who do not violate any labor laws, encourage respect and equality in the workplace, and do not inflict harm on animals and the environment, without compromising the quality of each piece we make. 

We also try to minimize our environmental footprint. As much as possible, we refrain from using machines in certain aspects of our pieces when it can be done by hand. That in itself contributes to our sustainability efforts, and demonstrates exclusivity and overall craftsmanship in our creations. 

What role does the fashion industry play today in making the world more sustainable? 

The fashion industry has such a strong influence on the world as it continues to grow over the years.  It’s the role of brands to bring awareness to their consumers. 

What’s your message to other designers regarding sustainable fashion?

Let’s all work together as designers to promote sustainable fashion through our craft and designs. 


Find out how you can get your hands on this limited edition piece here