What is a love language? According to The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, people express affection and care through words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, or physical touch. While we understand all of them to some extent, each of us speak one love language more fluently than the rest. (Discover your love language here.)

Once you identify your love languages, work your magic and surprise your Valentine with treats that speaks directly to their love language. Here, we offer a few pointers: 

Words of Affirmation: Write a good, old fashioned love letter

If talking about feelings isn’t your strong suit, a handwritten love letter is the next best thing. Don’t know where to start? “Use words to build up the other person,” advises Dr. Chapman. Don’t have a way with words? Make a list of things you love about them, or scribble a little note to tell them how much you care. 

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Acts of Service: Run errands for your Valentine

The best thing you can do for service types is to get on your feet, and do something they’d appreciate like running errands.

While you’re at it, sneak in a few ingredients for a romantic home-cooked dinner. Or if you have limited culinary talents, offer to do the dishes. Either way, you’ll have their hearts fluttering.

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Receiving Gifts: Think outside the box

Gift people are easily mistaken for being materialistic. But what really matters to them is the effort and thought that go into the tokens of your affection. Flowers and chocolate are always appreciated but can be predictable. Think outside the box and shower them with little gifts that fit into a bigger gift (like a purse).


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Quality Time: Go on a phone-free date 

While wining and dining can be romantic, nothing kills the mood like a phone that constantly lights up with distracting notifications. “Give them your undivided attention,” says Dr. Champan. For those who crave quality time, a break from your busy schedules is the best Valentine gift they could ask for. Oh, and score bonus points for picking up the check.


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Physical Touch: Instead of undressing… 

This Valentine’s Day, make suaver moves by putting on new pieces of jewelry on your partner. There’s something both romantic and intimate about the brush of a finger on the back of the neck while a necklace is being clasped on, or a ring being slipped onto a finger. Reserve undressing for the bedroom. 

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