The solo date. Once upon a time, it caused the blues. Today, it’s rebellious, liberating, empowering—a celebration of self-love. Oscar Wilde said it best: to love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. And what better time to treat yourself than on Valentine’s Day. Below, a few tips for your best date yet.

Get Physical

Do yourself a favor and compliment how you look! Show your body some self love: book a spinning class at Saddle Row or a pilates session at Move with Options.

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Self-love means taking deep breaths and purging those toxic thoughts. Aromatherapy and a massage at The Spa would do your mind (and tense muscles) some good.

Embark on a Solo Adventure

Self-love also means stepping out of your comfort zone—like going on a solo trip. The only travel buddy you’ll need is trusty, sturdy luggage from Travel Club.

Besides a camera and your sense of adventure, the only travel buddy you’ll need is sturdy luggage from The Travel Club.

Give in to a Guilty Pleasure

Judgemental looks be damned! Indulge in a pastry board, mac and cheese, or a breakfast cocktail from Wildflour—anything that would make a date’s jaw drop. It’s your date and you’ll binge if you want to.


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