Set the table and ready your ang pao, Chinese New Year is happening on January 25. Once you’ve decided where you want to celebrate (these restaurants in Rockwell have exciting Chinese New Year deals), spruce up your party outfit with accessories that summon good luck.

Aside from traditional red outfits and accessories that symbolize happiness and prosperity, consider adding an adorable rodent, or glimmer of metallic sheen to celebrate the Year of the Metal Rat. Get lady luck on your side with a few festive baubles available at Power Plant Mall.

Rat’s Out of The Bag!

Meet Rita the Rat. She’s all dolled up and ready to party. You’ll find her all over this quirky Lunar New Year collection from Tory Burch. Her likeness is plastered on everything from the cutest mismatched espadrilles to leather goods.

Chic Metallics  

According to Chinese astrology, metal elements symbolize strength and unwavering confidence. Strut into the Year of the Metal Rat in style and make a bold statement with metallic purses from Kate Spade

Classic Reds and Metallics

You don’t have to take the Metal Rat theme literally to join the celebration. These equally festive accessories from Tory Burch and Kate Spade have elements that attract good fortune all year round.

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