Congratulations, you’re engaged! You’ve found the one and now it’s time to find the perfect one–that is, your wedding dress.

The search for the perfect dress will inevitably lead you to Vera Wang at 8 Rockwell. The designer’s first and only boutique in Manila looks like a dream come true. Here, you get to try on a lovely selection of ready-to-wear designer creations. Plus, they have the most inviting fitting suites where you can swirl and sashay in front of three-way full-length mirrors and seats that can accommodate your entire entourage.

The Rockwellist went window shopping to browse iconic dresses that brides-to-be can buy off the rack or alter and style to make it their own.

Take everyone’s breath away in any of these classic strapless dresses.


Imagine walking down the aisle in this elegant number.


Rebellious brides will love this fabulous show-stopper. 

Brides who fall in love with a Vera Wang dress are advised to schedule an initial fitting 9 to 12 months before the wedding date. Actual gowns are made in the New York headquarters and shipped to Manila after 6 months. Once the gown is in town, best to allot a few more months for the in-house seamstress to alter and tweak your dress.

If time is a luxury you don’t have, and you’re lucky enough to find the perfect dress in your size, you can purchase any of the gowns already available in-store.


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