A home’s decorative pieces give fascinating insight to the interests of its inhabitants. 

Massimo Lunardon hand-blown glass decanter and flute glasses 

Some stick to the basics. Some commit to a theme. But there are an adventurous few that gravitate toward the whimsical, the eccentric, the novel—toward things that fill a space with personality. Conversation pieces, if you will.

Often the conversations start with, “Where did you get this?”

Skultuna bells 

UNIVERS d’homme et femme is an unexpected, but no longer unlikely response.

Best known for its portfolio of luxury fashion brands, the multi-label boutique is also home to UNIVERS Market where shoppers will find home lines, fragrances, and curiosities that spark, well, curiosity.

John Derian decoupage plate, Massimo Lunardon hand-blown glass carafe, John Derian decoupage paperweights 

For the upcoming Holidays, UNIVERS is putting its Market lines front and center. They partnered with award-winning scenographer Gino Gonzales to showcase the home decor pieces, ironically, outside the home.

Kickerland fish flask and Astier De Villatte ceramics

“A lot of these objects have an innate sense of humor, and I don’t think they were designed to be taken too seriously,” says Gonzales.

As a scenographer, I was trained to situate actors in confounding situations. In a way, I’m also doing that with these objects, putting them in a different real world context,” he adds.

John Derian decoupage plates 

For those in the market for conversation pieces, these objets d’art from UNIVERS Market are big on personality without eating up too much valuable square footage.

Astier de Villatte hand-made ceramics 

UNIVERS d’homme et femme is located at the ground level of One Rockwell.