We all have that one tita or friend who never fails to blow guests away with the best parties ever. They show no signs of being hit by the holiday rush. No one can tell if they scramble behind the scenes, or remain composed while planning the perfect party. Either way, we can’t help but wonder: how do they pull it off?

We reckon preparation is key. Here, we offer a few ideas on how you, too, can up your holiday hosting game.

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The best hosts stock up for the perfect spread.

Food is hands down the main attraction of most Christmas parties, so stock up on good ingredients. Do a supermarket run at least a week before the party. If time isn’t on your side, we suggest stocking up on charcuterie, cheese, fruit and nut for a festive grazing platter.

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The best hosts are dressed to the nines.

Before the party, have your clothes tailored so they fit perfectly (or have strategic space around the waist *wink wink*). If you’re feeling creative, bring in an old garment for altering, and transform it into a completely new outfit.

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The best hosts have a to-do list (and check it twice).

Gifts? Check! Food? Check! Guest list? Music? Decor? Check, check, check! Mani-pedi? Wait. What?

Once you have everything covered, add much needed downtime via mani-pedi (which will double as party prep) to your to-do list. Believe us, you’ll need it before crazy holiday festivities ensue. Plus, it’s the best time of the year to go for bright or glitzy polish!

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