Christmas At Rockwell, Made in Rockwell

The excitement that comes with finding the perfect gift. 

Marveling at the hallways and ceilings adorned with festive decor, carefully arranged by Santa’s little helpers.

The resounding laughter of children playing by the towering Christmas trees, adorned with bright red orbs and crystal snowflakes.

The life-sized animals cheerily belting holiday carols, orchestrated by the North Pole’s most talented.

The telltale scent of peppermint wafting through the air, tantalizing your tastebuds for one more treat.

Spellbound by the buildings contoured by twinkling lights — a beacon amidst a sea of skyscrapers, leading you safely back home.

The pure delight of loved ones coming together to celebrate the season of love and joy.

It’s the warmth of our people, welcoming you home.

It’s the holiday spirit coming alive in the moments that become your most treasured memories—right here, with us.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, made even better in Rockwell.