How do you plan a birthday party that’s fun for both kids and grownups?

Santolan Town Plaza may have the answer. 

On the third level of Rockwell’s retail center in San Juan, is a space that will have kids and kids-at-heart RSVP-ing yes to your next birthday party.

Yup, we’re talking about Funland which just happens to be next door to Q Power Station.

Imagine having exclusive access to a playground or an arcade for a couple of hours! Wouldn’t that be a blast?

If school-age kids make up most of the guest list, invite up to 50 of them to a party at Funland. Prepare games, or let them dive into the ball pit or bounce around the trampoline park to their heart’s content.

If you’re hosting a party for older kids (or grownups who just need a break from adulting), invite them to Q Power Station. Give up to 60 of your guests pre-loaded Zap QCards so they get to play any arcade game of their choice.

Guest can top-up their cards, hold on to all the ticket points they earn, and exchange points for prizes at the counter.

Both venues offer birthday party packages designed to make every fun-loving kid’s (and grownup’s) dream come true!

Q Power Station and Funland are located on the third level of Santolan Town Plaza. For bookings or inquiries, contact 0917 836 0643 or email [email protected]