Who else needs a break? Between the beginning of a busy work-season and being in the thick of the holiday rush, we’re pretty sure you’re not alone. 

If you’ve been looking for a sign (or reminder) to take a breather, this is it. Go ahead, pack a purse (the latest ones from Furla deserve a spot in your collection) and take some time off—not that you need anyone’s permission. But if you need inspiration, read on.

Furla Corona Mini Bucket Bag 

Once official business hours are over, turn off all your notifications, and grab a rosé. Looking for something stronger to help you unwind? We have a good list of after-hours spots, right here in Rockwell Center.

Furla Fantastica Dome

Feeling uninspired lately? Pick up a book or magazine. Not only does reading printed material give your brain and eyes a necessary break from your phone or computer screen, it can be really inspiring, too.


Furla Metropolis Mini Crossbody

Check if your bestie needs a break, too. Grab a drink, and take the time to pick their brain on something you’ve been itching to talk about, whether it’s about a big work project or celebrity news. Socializing can be just as refreshing as spending time alone.


Furla Viva Mini Pochette

For the often sleep-deprived super women, might we suggest a midday power nap? You’ll feel refreshed and ready to get back in the grind. You snooze, you lose your cranky side. Sounds like a win!

Furla Lady Tote

Take a coffee break and mean it. Instead of grabbing a drink and popping out of the coffee shop in a hurry, get the best seat you can, and savor every sip. You won’t always have time to literally stop and smell the flowers, but you can always make time to do some version of it.

Drop by Furla until the end of the October and take advantage of their opening discount of 15% for all items in-store.

Furla is located at R1 Level, Power Plant Mall