Forgive us, reader, for we have a severe craving for Made Nice’s Tres Leches. It’s one of those rare desserts that prompt a choir of angels to sing as soon the sponge cake soaked in milk and dulce de leche is laid on the table. Every bite of this glorious, unembellished, pillowy dessert is absolutely divine. As sinful as it seems, there’s something about this dessert that inspires sharing—and that (in our humble opinion) is the perfect way to punctuate every visit to Made Nice.

Ironically, nice is an understatement⁠—for the dessert, the sleek interiors, the items on the menu, and just everything about this New-York inspired restaurant.

Although, fittingly, it’s this understated elegance that sets the tone for Made Nice. Stepping into the loft-inspired space, one can tell that every element was thoughtfully pieced together by chefs and restaurateurs Jack Flores and wife Gabbi Ramos Flores, Toby Panlilio, Wren Go and Raulito Fores. 

The skill and delicacy is most evident in the cuisine they categorize as “Asian Mediterranean”. One expertly done dish is the Duck. You get succulent pieces of meat, done medium well, sitting on anise sauce, carrot puree, topped with curry leaves. 

Another dish that lives out the Made Nice philosophy of simply making it nice, is the Octopus. This thick tentacle on a plate is tender through and through, and has smoky flavors that make it an immediate favorite. 

Waxing poetic about these delicious dishes can only do so much, but the hope is that it has whet your appetite enough to indulge in something Made Nice. 

Made Nice is located at 122 Joya Lofts & Towers, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell, Makati City. Open daily from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.