Pan de Manila has well over a hundred stand-alone shops and mall outlets around the country, but two of its newest shops stand out. Coincidentally, both are located at Rockwell Business Center—one in Ortigas, the other along Sheridan.

Merienda by Pan de Manila is a breath of fresh air in a bustling dining landscape. Everything from its homey interiors to the hearty Filipino dishes are reminiscent of afternoons spent (quite literally) breaking bread with your grandparents. 

We entered the cafe and sampled a few dishes one sunny weekday afternoona befitting introduction to the new concept. After which, the folks who run Pan de Manila shared a few interesting details on how Merienda came to be, and why Filipinos are bound to love it


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What’s the inspiration behind Merienda by Pan de Manila?

For over a decade, it has been our dream to be able to offer loyal patrons a place where they can enjoy classic Filipino merienda treats, served elegantly in a warm, cozy Pinoy setting. 

We envisioned a place where the smell and taste are familiar—just enough to remember meaningful afternoon snacks and conversations at your grandparents’ home; and enough to want to make new memories with us.

Why is merienda time particularly close to your heart? Is there a story behind why you’re drawn to it?

Merienda is a meal that has always been our favorite especially during our childhood. We would spend summer afternoons at our grandmother’s home, where she’d spend hours preparing sumptuous merienda. At times, we would even help her in the kitchen. Those were warm memories!

Describe the experience you want diners to have when they step into and grab a bite at Merienda by Pan de Manila.

We hope that our diners feel like they’re journeying back to their childhood days, experiencing the warm feeling they got from savoring their merienda meals lovingly prepared from scratch and served warm by their mothers and grandmothers. 


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How would you describe your dishes? 

We have curated the best flavors from the provinces and are now serving them alongside our classic bestsellers from our bakery, such as the Spanish-Style Sardines and the Ensaymada Espesyal, as well as Ube and Yema spreads. 


What dish would get a newcomer hooked?

Lucban Longganisa and Beef Tapa are both our all-time favorites; they aren’t the typical tapa and longganisa you get from other food places, both are roasted to a crisp, and are full of flavor. You’ll want more after every crunchy bite. And of course, it has that classic savory taste we Filipinos love.

Which drink on the menu is a must-try?

Our Tablea Tsokolate con Leche. As you take a sip you will taste the richness of cacao tablea, and this will surely remind you of how our grandmothers prepared the beverage from scratch using the batirol.

Why did you decide to set up shop at Rockwell Business Center?

We wanted to bring homestyle merienda closer to offices and the nearby hospital so that they would be able to enjoy classic Filipino favorites daily.The food we serve is rarely available in the market nowadays, especially in such a fast-paced city. 

Merienda by Pan de Manila

Rockwell Business Center Sheridan
Open daily from 6am-10:30pm.

open 24/7.

Rockwell Business Center Ortigas
Open daily from 6am-9pm.
open 24/7.