Living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated! Here at Santolan Town Plaza, we’ve rounded out our local favorites to get you started. The Local Scene: Where Health and Lifestyle Meet will be happening on September 13-14, 12NN-9PM at Retail 308 (3/F, near the Cinemas).


Start your day with all-natural dairy products from Pinkie’s Farm. All their produce comes from their family farm and from grass-fed cows, so you’re sure to get only what’s best for your body. We’ve got the mid-day snackers covered too, with these healthy alternatives. Veganola is all about guilt-free snacking with their handmade, all-natural, and guilt-free granola treats; and Just Go Low Carb’s freezer-friendly baked goods, grab-and-go snacks (feel free to stock up!); and DIY mixes which are all low-carb, sugar-free, and gluten free! If you’re looking for something more savory, try Ching Nam Hong Cakes and Pastries, especially their Pork/Chicken Sau Po and Chicken Curry Puff are  — no MSG added. Take a break from the usual fast food dinners after a long day at work, with homemade dishes from Kitchen A. Step up your weekly meal prep game with Adobo/Chicken flakes, Beef Caldereta and Prawns Salpicao from Kitchen A. For something more indulgent, try Puro’s Taba ng Talangka, the perfect side dish to go with any main course. Forget what you think you know, it’s only 18 calories per tablespoon (vs. 120 calories in 1 tablespoon of olive oil)! And for dessert? Exotic fruits from The Fruit Stand by Rockwell are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Accessorize your way to wellness. Say goodbye to all the negative energy, and attract hope and love with crystals and other hand made accessories from Which Craft. Looking for your next favorite scent? Baum Solid Parfum not only uses beeswax for their solid perfume (which makes them super easy to take around!), but also recyclable tin cans that can be repurposed after. Another added bonus: return the consumed tin cans and get a discount on your next solid perfume. Finally, shop for a cause with Simply Beautiful. Take your pick from export quality handwoven bags by Typhoon Yolanda survivors. 


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