Prepare for take-off as Rockwell Airways takes you on a trip around the world this Halloween! 

Check items off your travel bucket list as  as we explore the Philippines, then jet-off to Japan, India, Paris, South Africa, London. The friendly cabin crew of Rockwell Airways will be on-site to serve in-flight fun and excitement at each destination. 

Before boarding, head on over to baggage counter to claim your suitcase full of treats! Make your way around the world, and stop over at our stores for a mall-wide trick-or-treat activity, then participate in an interactive workshop on board Rockwell Airways. After the trip, passengers are requested to stay in their seats for a thrilling balloon dance number from Tectonix!

Hurry and book your Rockwell Airways flight this Halloween!

For Santolan Town Plaza, tickets are available at the Cinema Counters (3/F, Santolan Town Plaza). E-mail [email protected] for inquiries.

Ticket reservations will not be accepted.