Shopping for beauty products can get overwhelming. There are a gazillion options out there and it makes us wish we had a fairy godmother to help us narrow down our shopping list. 

The closest thing we could get to a fairy godmother? Jonathan Van Ness, resident grooming expert on the Netflix hit show Queer Eye. 

JVN and the rest of the Fab Five published Queer Eye: Love Yourself, Love Your Life, to help all of us design fabulous lives. While browsing the book on the shelves of Fully Booked (R3 Level, Power Plant Mall), we picked up valuable beauty-enhancing tips. 

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“I’m all about ‘less is more’ and natural beauty. But there are a few basic products that can enhance your assets in seconds,” writes JVN. 

Keep scrolling to find out what made his list. Plus, some excerpts from the book that made us go, “Yaaas, Kween!”

Cream Concealer & Color Corrector

“Trust me, once you conceal, the struggle is no longer real. Blemishes, dark under-eye circles, and sun damage vanish with just one swipe. Just remember to moisturize your face before you dot on concealer, which can be drying.”


“Extended lashes make those eyes pop. Here’s a secret tip: instead of pumping the wand, twirl as you remove it from the tube. That way, less air gets in and the formula stays moist and lasts longer.”

Tinted Brow Gel

“I call eyebrows a push-up bra for your face because a well-arched brow will literally make you look younger and better rested.”

Nail Polish

“A clear polish with a touch of pink makes your toes look naturally fresh and neat.”

Lip Moisture

“Flaky lips are not kissable. Need I say more?”

Featured products are available at The Face Shop and PCX, R2 Level, Power Plant Mall.