It’s been a good half a decade for CDP Global Table, the quaint, semi-secluded bar and restaurant along Lopez Drive in Rockwell Center. 

CDP (Chef du Partie) came to be when Malou Fores of Mamou and Recovery Food, Katrina Alcantara of Mesclun and Chuck’s Deli, and Kristine Locsin formerly of Lu, discovered their common love for good food and traveling. Five years in, the trio continues to serve an eclectic mix of dishes inspired by Paris, New York, and Manila.

Perhaps their secret to longevity lies in the fact that they stay hungry enough to experiment, grow, and evolve. They even have new menu items to prove it. 

A few of those dishes were introduced during CDP’s fifth anniversary lunch:

For starters, try the Ikura Egg, which is a Japanese egg infused in vodka cream, topped with ikura caviar.

The Octopus Salad is freshness in a bowl that comes with an orange vinaigrette dressing.

Mussels in Curry is perfect comfort food for rainy days.

Every bite of the Prawn and Oyster Tempura Brioche Sandwich was a burst of flavor.

CDP’s Fall-off-the-bone Duck Paella will leave you speechless.

Another secret to thriving for the past five years is that these formidable restaurateurs know how to have fun. 

“CDP actually stands for Chefs Do Party,” teased Ms Fores. 

With an even more extensive wine selection (which is now listed by intensity), a customizable mix-and-match Gin and Tonic menu, there’s no arguing that they really know how to party. 

“Or if you’re tamad to think, go for our gin cocktails,” offers Ms Fores.

CDP Global Table is located at R1, Power Plant Mall, Lopez Drive, Rockwell Center