For office workers, the struggle of finding a table at lunch time all too real. If you’re looking to avoid the hangry lunch crowd and your work hours allow you some flexibility, grabbing early lunch isn’t such a bad idea. Luckily, if your office is anywhere near Open Kitchen at Rockwell Business Center Sheridan, you have some of the most satisfying options that won’t break the bank.

Get a fix of Fil-Mex flavors with this Bistek Burrito from Tres Chickas.

Sheridine, an affordable American diner, promises good vibes when you order their Breakfast Banquet #2 that has bacon, eggs, waffles, and Hungarian sausage all in one plate.

The Adobo Flakes from Ligaya will put a smile on your face and prepare you for a productive workday.

Golden Hat serves an interesting selection of Thai dishes, including this Pork Spring Roll with Egg.

Manna is all about starting the day right with a healthy meal. The colors alone on dishes like the Cheezy Egg Melt and Sunny Mornings are sure to brighten up your morning.

If you need caffeine to function, Cole & Co has hot, iced, and blended coffee-based drinks that pair well with just about anything you can get at Open Kitchen. 

Servings at ChickenZilla live up to its name. Your tummy will thank you for this gigantic bowl of Chicken Okonomiyaki.

Aside from Wagyu-cube skewers and sushi, Oji-San Yakitori Bar serves rice bowls, too. Their Beef Gyudon will satisfy your Japanese cravings.

If your idea of Japanese involves teppanyaki style cooking, Ginza Diner has teppan plates on the menu.


Open Kitchen opens for early lunch at 10:00am and is located on the second floor of Rockwell Business Center Sheridan.