Monday has a reputation of being everyone’s least favorite day of the week. But it isn’t all that bad. Think of it as an opportunity to reset, get back on track, or even start a new habit that could literally make the world a better place, like, say, Meatless Monday.

What is Meatless Monday, you ask? It’s basically substituting your usual meat-filled meal with a vegetarian dish at least once a week. How will it make you feel better about the start of the week? Well, being a part-time vegetarian has its perks. Scroll down, whet your appetite, and find out how these tasty meat-free dishes can turn Mondays into Mon-yays for you and the environment.

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Looking for a vegan option? Our signature Go Geisha salad could be just what you’re craving for! #saladstopph #eatwideawake

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Go Geisha Salad Bowl from Salad Stop (R3 Level, Power Plant Mall)

Why it’s good for you: 

The Go Geisha Salad is packed with romaine lettuce, red & white cabbage, firm tofu, asparagus, carrots, soba noodles, snow peas, edamame, cucumber, sweet corn, sesame seeds, japanese miso dressing–it comes in wrap form, too.

Nutrition experts say that committing to a vegetarian diet gives you your fix of fiber, vitamins, and nutrients. Stocking up on veggies often results in lower cholesterol, lower body fat, lower blood pressure, and lower risk of heart disease. 

Why it’s good for the environment: 

Going meatless at least once a week helps save water. It takes around 39 gallons of water to produce a pound of vegetables, while it takes approximately 1,800 gallons of water to produce a single pound of beef.


Vegan Buddha Bowl from The Wholesome Table (R2 Level, Power Plant Mall)

Why it’s good for you:

It’s made with organic brown rice, mixed vegetables, vegan Thai red coconut curry sauce, microgreens, homemade peanut brittle, lime, and peanuts. Replacing a serving of red meat with this filling bowl helps decrease your chances of getting diabetes in the long run.

Why it’s good for the environment: 

Raising livestock and poultry for meat uses up a lot of resources, which is why reducing meat consumption helps reduce your carbon footprint. Going vegetarian or vegan at least once a week helps contain the production of greenhouse gases that accelerate climate change. 

Baked Tofu Walnut Burger from Corner Tree Cafe (R3 Level, Power Plant Mall)

Why it’s good for you: Beans, nuts, soy and other vegetables can give you all the protein you need in a day. Plus, cutting back on red and processed meat keeps your kidneys healthy.

Why it’s good for the environment:

Swapping your quarter-pound beef burger for a veggie alternative means saving enough water to fill 10 bathtubs, or enough energy to power your smartphone for half a year!

More than just an Instagram hashtag to accompany your plant-based food post, Meatless Monday is a movement that inspires you to make more mindful decisions that will positively impact not just your health, but the earth’s, too.