In dire need of a mood booster? A sweet treat could completely turn things around. As soothing as it is to whip something up yourself, some cravings just can’t wait. Luckily, Purple Oven, famous for its mouth-watering cakes and pastries, is finally open at Santolan Town Plaza.

If you need a perk-me-upper, browse a few of our favorite Purple Oven baked goods here:


Is your daily schedule packed with deadlines and errands? Why not give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done with a slice of cake at the end of the day. Celebrating little wins, after all, inspires you to do more.


Taking a break helps boost and replenish your energy. Grab a slice or two of Purple Oven’s yummy loaves and enjoy them in between tasks. They pair well with your afternoon coffee, too.

Sweet Breads

Don’t let rough days get the better of you. Pick up a donut, cinnamon roll, or chocolate swirl that’ll help you roll with the punches and fuel you for the rest of the day.


The emotional comfort cookies provide cannot be underestimated or denied. The next time you’re feeling a little blue, grab cookies from Purple Oven to help turn your day around.

Purple Oven is located at the ground floor of Santolan Town Plaza and is open daily from 7:00am to 9:00pm.