In 1980, Mercedes Llamas realized that her fascination for fine jewelry was also her passion. That same year, she established eponymous jewelry shop Mercelles

“It started with a desire to help people repair or redesign old jewelry,” says Jesse Martin “Jay” Llamas, Mercedes’ son who now manages the business. “Eventually, we ventured into custom designing jewelry and creating ready-to-wear pieces,” adds Jay. 

After twenty successful years of crafting pieces that range from simple yet stunning to playful and avant garde, Mercelles broke into the retail scene and set up shop when Power Plant Mall opened in 2000. 

When the Llamas matriarch retired in 2018, the company re-introduced itself to the market as Mercelli in hopes of passing on the Mercelles legacy to the next generation. 

“We kept ‘Merce’ from my mom’s name, the double Ls from Llamas, and punctuated it with an ‘i’ because my mom’s nickname is Iding,” Jay shares.

Today, Mercelli continues to create ready-to-wear jewelry. At first glance, it’s unmistakable that their colorful, intricately designed pieces draw inspiration from nature and embroidery. In fact, some of their signature rings on display feature delicate florals and details that mimic lacework.

“Colored stones make the pieces more beautiful and attractive, while diamonds enhance the brilliance of all the stones,” says Jay. 

Aside from the shimmery pieces they have in-store, customers can come in for bespoke creations or have jewelry repaired. 

“Each piece is manufactured and handmade in the Philippines with the highest quality workmanship that is at par with international standards,” adds Jay. 

For those looking to dazzle with a present, or in the market for a bold new accessory, Mercelli is a must-visit. 

Mercelli is located at P1 Level, Power Plant Mall.

Follow them on Instagram: @mercelli.rockwell