And just like that the -ber months are rolling in. Have you stuck to this year’s resolution of making fitness a priority? If you have, give yourself a pat on the back. If you haven’t, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s not too late to start again.

“How do I get back on track”, you ask? Keep scrolling for more fitspiration.

Dress to Impress (Yourself)

The next time your gut tells you to get new workout gear for extra motivation, it’s probably right. In fact, there’s science that backs up this mentality: dressing up in exercise gear actually helps prime your mind for a good workout. There’s something empowering about exercise clothes that come in flattering silhouettes, and gear with performance tech that are specially designed to help you avoid injury.

Curate a Workout Playlist

The right track can pump you up, get you moving, and get your heart racing. Studies have found that listening to music while working out stimulates your senses and can be really empowering. Pro-tip: to keep your momentum going, make sure you have a snug set of earphones that don’t pop out mid-run.

Pick an Activity You Enjoy

No pain, no gain. Right? For your muscles, sure. But for your mind? Maybe not. Attending a class or picking out a routine or sport you actually enjoy makes you want to keep at it. 

Shake It Up

In between your go-to sessions, make it a point to try something new. Surprising your muscles every so often keeps you from burning out or plateauing. There’s also something incredibly satisfying about taking on new challenges you didn’t think you could conquer. 

Walk Your Talk

Some might find it cheesy, but sometimes, fitspiration comes from something as simple as words. When carefully strung together, they hold enough power to get you off your seat and into the gym.

 What’s your fitness mantra?

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Products featured courtesy of Adidas (R2 Level), Certified Calm (R2 Level), and Bang and Olufsen (R3 Level).