Raise your hand if you’re a movie buff who gets peckish in the cinema. We have good news for you: Aside from the best popcorn from Power Plant Cinema, the Food Hall at Santolan Town Plaza offers mouthwatering snacks and drinks you can bring inside the movie theater!

The Rockwellist rounded up some must-try, movie-friendly grub from the revamped Food Hall, which is conveniently located close to the cinemas on the third floor.

Iced Coffee & Samgyupsal Kimchi Banh Mi from Banh Mi Kitchen

A Korean twist on a traditional Vietnamese sandwich?! It sounds just mind-blowing as the movie you’re about to watch!

Movie Trays from Sunrise Buckets

Perfect for those who rush from the food line to the cinema, Sunrise Buckets has movie trays that hold everything together. Choose from a satisfying serving of chicken poppers and fries, or a box filled with nachos. Trays come with a drink and a slot for your phone, too.

House Special Milk Wintermelon and Oreo Milk Tea from Gong Cha

Hell hath no fury like milk tea lovers who can’t have their favorite drink inside a movie theater—and Gong cha knows it. Luckily, they’ve set up shop at the Food Hall.

Rolled Ice Cream from Elait; Dark Choco Chunk Cookie from Overdoughs

The Food Hall also caters to cinephiles who have a sweet tooth. Pick up rolled ice cream (and a few sign language lessons) from Elait, or this cookie from Overdoughs that’s topped with dark chocolate chunks from Auro Chocolate.

With a fun selection of movie snacks available at Santolan Town Plaza, there’s no need to sneak food into the cinemas anymore. 

The Food Hall and Power Plant Cinemas are located on the third floor of Santolan Town Plaza. Book your movie tickets here.