Watering holes are dime-a-dozen, but few places can compete with the loungey, casual vibe of drinking around Rockwell Center. Whether you’re waiting for rush hour traffic to subside (when will it ever?) or you’ve made plans to wind down after a long work day (or an even longer work week), here’s where you can get top-notch booze and grub in the area. 

Wildflour Restaurant
8 Rockwell

With a bakery on the first floor and a bar on the second floor, Wildflour is a nice middle ground for group of drinkers and non-drinkers alike. And if you’re a partyphile who wants to come out of retirement, drop by on a Friday for Retro Night.

Must tries: 

Hotel Nacional,Old Fashioned, and Petty Cash Margarita

With plum prawns seasoned to perfection, Wildflour’s Gambas could easily become your go-to bar chow.

Bone Marrow and Tarte Flambee are excellent cocktail companions.


Eight Coffee Bar by UCC
8 Rockwell

When you’re situated in the lobby of an office building, it’s hard not to mix business with pleasure. Eight Coffee Bar by UCC is perfect for business meetings that transition into friendly socials. 


Sangria or Alhambra after closing a deal over coffee? Why not!



Joya Lofts and Towers

This secluded restaurant along a small street makes escaping work (after hours, of course) even more exciting. Rambla has a selection of cocktails that are equal parts pretty and potent. Highly recommended for those who promise to have just one drink because there’s work the next day.


Don’t worry about nursing your beer. Rambla’s Cerveza Especial tastes as good at room temp as it does chilled. Pop a Spherical Olive in your mouth for a burst of flavor.

The Sangria Blanca and Conos de Atun taste as good as they look. 

Sweet and savory. The Jerez Cobbler and Provencal Tomato Tatin balance each other out.

A glass of Bloody Maria Fresca with an order Bunuelos de Bacalao will have you seeing red and loving it, too!


Power Plant Mall

Ever reliable Barcino has a vast wine selection that you can sample with their wine flights that come with a side of their best-selling tapas.

You have the option to get three different kinds of red wine.

Or mix it up and get red, whites, and rosé.

Listen, you deserve a drink for your hard work at the office. So loosen your tie or kick off your heels and let these Rockwell After Hours specials ease you out of work mode.

Whether it’s for a chill night out with co-workers over cocktails or wine, or to knock back a few pints of draft beer with the gang, you’ll find more After Hours offerings at these restaurants around Rockwell Center:

Power Plant Mall: Draft, Fireside by Kettle, CDP Global Table, Teppan Okochi, The Grid Food Market, A Mano.

Edades Tower and Garden Villas: Dean & Deluca, Ooma, Single Origin. 

One Rockwell: Nikkei, Grace Park, UCC Cafe Terrace, The Test Kitchen, The Barrel Club by Tajimaya.

Joya Lofts and Towers: Made Nice, Woodfire, Refinery.