There is something comforting about being in a cafe surrounded by books. This is especially true in dreary weather, or just days that call for a much-needed break. PRESS by Fully Booked knows this well, which is why they have created the perfect setting for bookworms who need warm and cozy nooks.

They also know that, while precious alone time with a book is important, having a hearty meal to go with it is, as they say, important-er. The Rockwellist browsed the PRESS menu and found these dishes quite delightful:

With reading high on the agenda, you’ll want something easy to eat with one hand. Go for the Mozzarella Wands; every bite is nothing short of magical.

Whip out your bookmark for this one. Take a moment to pause and sink your teeth into the Crunchy Cobbler Fish Sandwich. It’s made with onion rings, lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce packed between slices of ciabatta. 

Going on a date with your favorite author’s latest page-turner? Order the Herb Roast Chicken. It comes with a side of pumpkin soup (to keep you warm) and a glass of PRESS Iced Tea. Although you might want to pack a bookstand since enjoying this meal is a two-hand affair. 

If bookworm and sweet tooth are your top defining traits, ordering a Berry Banana Milkshake with Banana Bread from a bookstore-slash-cafe would definitely be on-brand.

Thumbing through the pages of an exciting book? Get a boost of energy from a glass of Lemon and Apple Detox Juice

If you fancy the classics, sipping on a cup of hot Americano could be right up your alley.

Or if light reads are more your thing, this nice warm Latte could make your day. 

Whatever literary genre is on the table, you’re sure to find just the right dish and drink to go with your book. PRESS by Fully Booked’s menu offers enough variety to satisfy any craving.

PRESS by Fully Booked is located at the G/F Santolan Town Plaza and R3 Level Power Plant Mall. For more information, follow @press_fullybooked on Instagram.