Bet you didn’t know that July 21 is Ice Cream Day. If you missed out, fret not. The great thing about these food holidays is that it’s never too late to get in on the festivities. In case you’re looking to celebrate (and overcompensate for missing out) here’s an idea: grab a heaping scoop of your favorite flavor and voila, you get a serving of these awesome desserts, a la mode.

Original Glazed and Chocolate Glazed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, R3 Level Power Plant Mall

Too indulgent? Perhaps you mean TWO indulgent treats that hit the spot. Take alternate bites, or in true sweet tooth fashion, slice the doughnut in half (like a bagel) and stuff it to make an ice cream-doughnut sandwich. 

Potato Chip Chocolates from Royce, R3 Level Power Plant Mall

Potato chips have a reputation of being always a side, rarely the highlight. The perpetual sidekick can—and absolutely should—be eaten in food as well. Try using a chocolate-covered chip as a spoon, or crush them into a bowl of ice cream. You get a nice crunch and salt that enhances the other flavors of the dessert.

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Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, R3 Level Power Plant Mall

Milk cheesecake and a cheese cookie on top of a smooth and creamy Hokkaido-style soft serve? Say no more.

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