What do you give a dad who’s given you the world? Not to mention a dad who has everything. No matter how much you prod, you’d still get a non-answer or a joke response, at best. So instead of getting him another tie or toy, use a bit of creativity when coming up with a Father’s Day gift.

This year, instead of a gift guide, we got a bit of insight into what dads really want. We dug deep, and had a heart to heart with a man who makes Power Plant Mall feel a little bit like home.

Paco Magsaysay, Carmen’s Best

Their products are best served cold, but service at the ice cream shop is warm, especially when Paco is around. Here, he shares which Father’s Day gifts from his kids made his heart melt and a few things fatherhood has taught him.

What would an ideal Father’s Day consist of?

The gift of time to bond with my “kids” (they’re actually adults now) – all three of them together. Father’s Day is usually a simple lunch or dinner with my family, in a restaurant or at home.

What is the best gift your kids have given you? Why does it stand out and what makes it special?

Handwritten letters when they were young. They’re special to me because they were very innocent and heartfelt, and constant reminders of their expression of love and appreciation for me.

What gift/s would you want to receive for Father’s Day?

I’ve actually reached a point in my life where gifts are optional. I find more joy in giving than receiving.

How has fatherhood changed you?

When I became a parent, I realized that I have to think outside of myself. It’s not just about me anymore, I have my children to think about and take care of. Then and now, they are my number one priority. Being a father also made me appreciate my own parents more.

What has fatherhood taught you?

It’s taught me that when you spend as much time with your children, especially during their growing up years, they are likely to have a strong set of values and ethics because their parents are around to guide and correct them.

If your kids only had you as a role model, what’s the one thing you’d want them to pick up from you?

To live simply, because I have always believed that material things aren’t everything. It’s not the key to one’s happiness.

What’s the most important lesson you learned from your dad?

That a person of integrity always does the right thing.

What’s the most important lesson you learned from your mom?

To be there for your kids, no matter what.

What top three values do you want your kids to have?

Honesty, integrity, and hard work–because they give value to yourself, and also to others.

What life lesson did you have to learn the hard way?

Independence at a young age. I was barely in my teens when I was sent abroad to study, and I learned to fend for myself in a completely foreign country whose culture and norms are different from ours. I knew no one, my family was not around, so it was really difficult to thrive in an unfamiliar environment with no support group–at least for the first couple of years.

What’s your favorite piece of advice that you echo to your kids?

It’s cliché but it’s true, everything that happens in a person’s life happens for a reason.

Here’s to the man who has made the most impact in our lives. The man whose example, values, and style, shape who we are. The number one guy whose words of wisdom will echo throughout our lives.

Here’s to you, Dad!

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