Hear us out. Weekend brunch is the best invention since sliced bread. It can start whenever you decide to roll out of bed, and can run until you realize it’s almost time for dinner. You can wear what you want (dress up or stay in your now-in-fashion pajamas), eat anything (sweet or savory), and drink anything (coffee or cocktails are equally acceptable!).

The lack of hard and fast rules takes the pressure off, and lets you focus on the food and the company. Which is why we think brunch is the perfect time for a date–and we don’t just mean the romantic kind. Whoever you’re having brunch with this weekend, UCC Café Terrace at Santolan Town Plaza serves brunch pairings that make you want to spring out of bed on a weekend.

Finally found time for a catch-up date with a dear friend? Talk about your latest trip, perhaps throw in a bit of gossip, or discuss issues at length over a hearty plate of Sumiyaki Unagi Pasta and a tall glass of Brendo Caramel Espresso.

Planning a solo date with your current read in tow? Order the Shrimp and Kani Croissant and pair it with an Iced Cafe Mocha. You don’t have to worry about your food getting cold when you get lost in your latest page-turner. Plus, the colors on the plate just brighten up your morning.

It’s the weekend! A perfect excuse to indulge in a Maple French Toast Tower and a Kori Kohi. While the work week may have left you feeling a bit square, this cube-shaped brunch could add a bit of dimension and excitement to your day.

Best enjoyed with work friends.

Be a sweetheart and invite your significant other to a casual brunch. After grabbing a sandwich or pasta, you won’t regret splitting a Macadamia Sansrival for dessert, which is best paired with UCC’s special Syphon Ichiban Blend.

Who are you having brunch this weekend?

UCC Café Terrace  at The Pavilions, Santolan Town Plaza is open from 7:00 a.m.