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If you’ve been living in the hectic city long enough to experience burnout, chances are you’ve come across “self-care” as a way to reduce stress. If you live in a neighborhood like The Grove, you’ve probably resorted to acupuncture at Centro Holistico, booking an appointment at DeNovo, or grabbing a bite at The Gardens. The Grove has self-care amenities and a Retail Row that allows you to “treat yo’ self!”, all within arm’s reach.

But more than rewarding yourself at the end of a crazy day or a work week, it helps to make sure that you take time to keep yourself in tip-top shape, from head to toe… to teeth.

Yup, teeth!

Brushing our teeth has become such a mundane activity we don’t really think of it as part of a self-care regimen. But having pearly whites and fresh breath are key to making a good impression and feeling great about ourselves. At the end of the day, doing little things that make us better all add up.
We reached out to Dr. Jordi Landayan, DMD, of Landayan Dental at The Grove, to give us a few tips on how to treat ourselves through proper oral hygiene, and even learned when it’s best to seek help from a professional.

Brush your teeth after a meal
Keeping your mouth clean and free of leftover food is key to fighting bacteria and discoloration. Dr. Landayan recommends brushing with a small-sized toothbrush head for better access to your molars. Brushing thoroughly for two minutes to keeps pesky plaque at bay.

Go for fluoride toothpaste
Be cavity-free with a fluoride-filled toothpaste. Fluoride helps harden tooth enamel and reduces the risk of decay.

Floss daily
Dr. Landayan recommends flossing right before brushing for healthier teeth and gums.

Brush your tongue
Keep your breath fresh by brushing your tongue. Bacteria thrives on food residue, says Dr. Landayan. If left untreated, they can cause cavity and gum disease.

Schedule professional dental cleaning
Brushing and flossing on a daily basis is not enough. To keep your teeth and gums in perfect condition, a regular visit to your dentist is just as important as an hour or two at the spa. Dental cleaning can help remove stains or discolorations that normal products can’t.

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